Chrysocolla stones usually appear as bright green gemstones. Sometimes they are also seen as blue, or purple. The main component of chrysocolla stones is copper and they are usually found in areas that have large copper deposits. Places where chrysocolla stones are usually found include southwestern U.S , Zaire, Chili, France, Australia, and England. Chrysocolla stones are often found mixed with other minerals such as malachite, turquoise and azurite. This mixture creates a terrific looking product called the Eilat sone . Chrysocolla stones are relatively soft with Mohs hardness of 2. Because of this, the chrysocolla stone is hard to form into jewelry. However, with chrysocolla mixed with other elements such as quartz, forming it to become jewelry and other products will now be easy. Some people sometimes confuse chrysocolla with turquoise because both stones have the same visual qualities. But minus the visual similarities, chrysocolla is very much different from turquoise.

The chrysocolla stone is commonly associated by many as a stone for peace and calmness. This too enhances intuition, patience and unconditional love. Aside from that, chrysocolla stones are also said to provide feminine empowerment. This is the reason why Cleopatra carried a chrysocolla stone with her, wherever she goes. Chrysocolla stones are also thought to clear a person’s mind from negative feelings, fear and anxiety. This stone also builds inner strength. You will find much jewelry today that has chrysocolla stones with it. These jewelries include rings, earrings, necklaces and beads. When worn on a daily basis, chrysocolla stones promote healing. According to the Native American Indian culture, a chrysocolla stone has the capacity to strengthen bodily resistance and makes a person calm in times of anger and problems. This too is said to aid in the healing of ulcers and arthritis. The chrysocolla stone can be positioned directly on the affected part of the body in order to heal cramps, lower blood pressure and detoxify the liver.

Owning chrysocolla jewelry is luxurious because these stones are quite expensive when bought. The reason is that, chrysocolla stones are rarely mined today.

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