Gaspeite stones are rare gemstones that are colored green and are commonly seen in Native American jewelry stores. Gaspeite stones are very rare stones because they are only seen in two places in the world. These places are Canada and Australia. Gaspeite stones were first discovered in the Gaspe , Peninsula in Quebec Canada on 1996 so it was named gaspeite . The green color of this stone can be compared to green turquoises. The only difference is that, gaspeite is made of nickel carbonate and not turquoise. It should be noted that there are a number of stones dyed in order to look the same as Gaspeite . However, real Gaspeite can be determined easily because it contains brownish elements that make it look different from fake Gaspeite stones. Real gaspeite stones are relatively softer than turquoise. This is the reason why gaspeite stones should be handled and stored with care in order to prevent scratch and damage. And because gaspeite is a very rare stone, this gem has increasingly become popular for jewelry collectors.

Gaspeite stones can be made into pendants, bracelets, earrings or gaspeite beads. It is said that when a person wears a jewelry that contain gaspeite stones, stress is reduced. Some also acknowledged gaspeite to boost a person’s spirituality. This gemstone is a Virgo birthstone but that doesn’t mean that only those who are born under the zodiac sign Virgo can wear this. In fact, when gaspeite is worn on a day to day basis, healing will also be experienced. Gaspeite stones are said to heal lung problems such as bronchitis and are also powerful to aid a person’s metabolism. With that, people who are attempting to lose weight can make gaspeite stones work for their advantage. The energy released by gaspeite stones help a person recognize the foods that their body really needs. The vibrations from gaspeite stones aid a person to realize what are the unnecessary things for his mind and body.

Gaspeite stones are used by ancient people for healing because it has constant earth energy. This earth energy will heighten a person’s spirituality. Because of this, gaspeite stones can be very beneficial for healers. If you are a healer, a gaspeite stone will make you better understand ailments and what healing is required.

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