Jasper stones are believed to increase a person’s sexual energy. This is the reason why ancient Egyptians wore Jasper stone amulets. The bible says that Jasper stones are God’s gift to humanity and must be used to build the New Jerusalem. Aside from its power to boost sexual energy, Jasper stones are also known as magical rain stones and provide healing as well. Jasper stones are also called ornamental rocks. It is mainly composed of chalcedony, quartz and other minerals. Because of this mixture, Jasper stones have colorful bands and patterns and found in almost all hues. This is the reason why Jasper stones are popularly used as beads. Jasper stone beads are known to be durable and come in all colors. These beads are considered by many as an essential addition to jewelry projects. That is why Jasper beads are most commonly used in the manufacturing of jewelry items as well as lapidary arts. Jasper stones are used by artists for Florentine mosaic, this type of art is a technique of placing pictures together with thin, and sliced pieces of red jasper stones or any other semi precious stones.

The jasper stone is an impure and opaque type of silica. Its color is usually yellow, red and brown. When there are stripes seen in the jasper stone, it is called banded or striped jasper. Jasper stones are used as gemstones and made into something for ornamentation. When perfectly polished, jasper stones can be used to create seals, vases and snuffboxes. Jasper stones are believed to absorb the positive energies in the surrounding and give this positive energy to its bearer. Health specialists and therapists use jasper stones for relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. Jasper crystals are powerful instruments for healing and it also provides tranquility and mental balance to its wearer.

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