Labradorite stones are found in igneous rocks. This stone is known for its vibrant colors so it is usually cut with a flat surface to highlight its flashes of color. The labradorite stone derived its name from Labrador Canada. This is a place known to be abundant with labradorite stones. These gemstones are usually found in large crystal forms in a certain rock. This stone can produce a spectrum of light when it is actually sliced in sections. Colors displayed by labradorite stones can range from blue, violet, green, yellow and orange. The areas that have huge deposits of labradorite stone besides Labrador, Canada are Ukraine, Newfoundland, Canada, Ural Mountains and USA. Polished and finished labradorite stones are known as spectrolite , the major sources of these polished stones are Finland, Canada and the United States.

A labradorite’s color is dark grey that also contain two or more flickering colors. Flickering colors are usually green and brown. If one color is dominantly found on the stone, then its name would be based on that. For instance, if the color most prominently seen in a labradorite stone is yellow, then it will be called a yellow labradorite . If it’s green, then it’ll be green labradorite . As mentioned above, labradorite stones are cut in order to release its colors. The most common of all labradorite cuts is cabochon or dome shaped cut. However, other jewelers can also cut the labradorite stone as desired or according to the needs of their customer.

It is said by many that labradorite gives relief to anxiety, hopelessness and depression. Through a labradorite stone, these negatives feelings are transformed into enthusiasm, self-confidence and inspiration. Also, labradorite enhances a person’s clarity of thought that turn out to improve one’s ability to mingle with others. When a jewelry that has a labradorite stone is worn on a daily basis, the wearer is said to feel calmness and feel harmonized with his own self. Because of this, a labradorite stone is good for people who have bad tempers.

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