Lapis stones are blue colored stones composed of various minerals such as lazurite , sodalite , hauyne , calcite and pyrite. Although the color of lapis stones vary, the most valuable and expensive lapis are those that are dark blue in color with patches of white in it. Lapis was originally mined in Afghanistan 6000 years ago. This is also the same location that mines the best quality lapis stones. The blue pigment that painters use for their artworks before the 19 th century was made of lapis. This pigment is called ultramarine, used primarily to paint blue skies and seas. This means that all the blue colors seen in renaissance paintings are attributed to the blue pigment found in lapis stones. Almost all ancient cultures have used lapis stones to decorate statures. This stone is also valued by various cultures because it is said to provide magical and medical benefits. Jewelries made from lapis stones are most valuable and considered to be of high quality when its color is intense. The darker blue lapis is the more quality it possesses. Unlike other stones used for jewelries , lapis jewelries are composed of various minerals and not just lapis alone. It is to be noted that jewelries that contain lapis stones don’t look attractive in artificial light. This is becauselapis stones would look attractive and vibrant when exposed to direct sunlight. Aside from jewelries , lapis stones are also used for decorations, ornaments and amulets.

It is said that lapis stones can enhance the awareness and intellect of its wearer. This awareness and intellect may bring peace, serenity and self-acceptance as well. Aside from that, lapis stones also enhance a person’s understanding and intuition. It is also believed that lapis shields a person from psychic attacks. Medically, lapis stones are thought to relieve insomnia and anxiety. This stone also works for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and helps strengthen the neck and vocal cords as well.

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