Mother of Pearl is the traditional name for a shining nacre. Nacre is the same component that is placed around the mollusk either naturally or by humans for it to become mother of pearl. Nacre is a mixture of minerals emitted by oysters and other mollusk inside their shells in order to protect them from foreign objects and parasites as well. Essentially, the mollusk buries parasites and other debris in its mantle of tissues attached inside its shell. This process is called encystation . Because of this process, pearls form in he mollusk’s mantle of tissues or inside its shell. This process of encystation continues throughout the mollusk’s life making the size of the pearl larger as years extend and until the mollusk’s death. It is a fact that a number of mollusks create pearls within their shell but only a few produce high quality pearls. Pearl oysters and abalone is able to produce quality pearls that are extensively sought in the past. It doesn’t matter if the form or shape of the pearl is odd because this property can help jewelers form a unique and original mother of pearl jewelry.


Mother of pearl is used in a variety of ways because of its incredible beauty. This mother of pearl stone is commonly used in decorating musical equipments , marble, ceramic and furniture. In order to make it more beautiful, crafters polish it with gloss. The jewelry industry is one of the most common industry that mother of pearl is used. Because of its glimmering body and various flashes of color, it is used to decorate watches, as necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and often times made into a jewelry set.

It is said that mother of pearl is a symbol for good luck, wealth, love, purity and fertility. According to Chinese beliefs, if a person wears a mother of pearl jewelry, he will attract money and good fortune.

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