Opal is actually a silica gel that hardened. This stone contains 5 to 10 percent water making it noncrystaline . There are two varieties of opal. One is called the precious opal and the other is a common opal. A precious opal has various colors that show differently depending on the light and which angle it is viewed. A common opal on the other hand is commonly opaque in color and displays no hue when exposed to light. These flashes of light displayed by a precious opal are caused by its structure and the arrangement of silica components when exposed to light. Precious opal flashes different colors. These colors would include white, black, fire, matrix, blue, peruvian blue and pink. It is said that opal stones add charm to its bearer as well as improve the love life of a person. Opal stones are often made into rings, bracelets, charms, necklaces and so on. When worn on a daily basis, opal stones are said to add positive energy. This stone also changes in color depending on the situation that the wearer is in. For instance, in cases of illness or accidents, opal stones change and become yellow. In cases of minor illnesses, the color of the opal stone becomes gray.

Black opal is said to enhance reproductive organs and pancreas. This is also used to combat depression. White opal, balances the right and left brain so with this opal color, mental stability is achieved. Blue opal is best used for calmness and peace of mind. When worn, blue opal allows you to move on and detach yourself from the past. Green opal is worn in order to clean the aura. This makes a person’s life meaningful because it rejuvenates physically and emotionally. Pink colored opal are said to contain healing effects. This cures headaches and keeps you grounded as a person.

Opal stones are one of the most colorful of all semi precious stones. Colors of opal stones change with angle and with particular situations as well. These stones are also considered one of the most spiritual and mystical stones today. It changes your perspective on life thereby changing your life as a whole.

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