Pietersite stones have an energetic quality similar to quartz. This stone was discovered by Sid Pieters in 1962. This was discovered when Pieters was inspecting a farm lot in Namibia, Africa. After Pieters discovered this stone, he registered it in the mineral records in Britain and the name pietersite was given to it after his last name. A pietersite stone is often called the Tempest stone and Eagle’s eyes. This is because it resembles a mix of blue and gold tiger’s eye quartz. To date, there are only two locations in the world known to have pietersite deposits. These counties are China and Africa. While both stones found in these areas have similarities, they too have qualities different from each other. The pietersite stone found in China is magnesium rich while the African pietersite is purely composed of crocidolite . The pietersite found in China was discovered in 1993 but only came to the market on 1997. The Chinese pietersite has a different color compared to the pietersite stone of Africa. The colors found in a Chinese pietersite are a combination of gold, red, blue and deep golden brown. The African pietersite on the other hand displays natural colors similar to an Australian Opal. An African pietersite is also considered the third hardest stone in the world.  Although the Chinese and African pietersite have differences, both of them are beautiful and both have fibrous bands of blue color.

Pietersite beads are said to contain the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Other jewelries that can be made with pietersite stones are earrings, necklaces, pendant and rings. It is said that when a person wears pietersite in a daily basis, he will be blessed with the gift of acceptance and understanding. This stone will make a person embrace and accept reality and be tolerant to others’ faults as well. Bearers of pietersite jewelry are said to remain calm even in chaos and are joyous not to mention optimistic about the future. With regards to its healing properties, pietersite stones can be used to stimulate a person’s pituitary gland. This can also be used to enhance proper functioning of the endocrine glands.

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