Seraphinite stones are usually colored green. Sometimes, they are seen with black and silver inclusions of Mica. This inclusion allows the seraphinite stones to be seen with wavery luster. Aside from the color green, seraphinite stones are also sometimes seen as yellow, red, brown and white. Seraphinite stones are formed because of environmental changes and temperature changes of magnesium silicate and iron. When the stone crystallizes, it forms into granular masses and later becomes a seraphinite stone. Seraphinite is also known as the Angel stone because this stone displays various lights and colors. Also, the seraphinite stone was named after the Latin word “seraphin” which means first order of angels.

The seraphinite stone was discovered first by Russians on 1947. To date, the only place that has seraphinite deposits is the Korshunicha Mine along the Chara River Valley found in a very remote area of East Central Siberia. This stone made its way to the local market in the year 1970 and since then, this stone has been popular with carvers, lapidaries and jewelry collectors. Seraphinite stones are known to be excellent healing crystals. These stones offer balance and strength to its wearer where these qualities are needed. In terms of health, seraphinite stones are said to help in healing cancer and aid in the regeneration of cells. Also, seraphinite stones are stones of spiritual enlightenment. Many have mentioned that seraphinite is one of the most valuable stones discovered in order to connect and communicate to higher energies. This stone is also said to give conscious awareness to its bearer so it is a good stone for self-healing. Seraphinite stones also clean a person’s aura and promotes living a life from the heart. This stone is also said to balance all the chakras.

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