The Spiny Oyster is a shell that came from oyster species known as Spondylus varius . Sometimes, Spiny Oyster is also termed as Thorny Oysters because it is largely covered by spines. Spiny Oysters are usually made into beads and are loved by many because it is unique and beautiful not to mention the fact that these gemstones are very difficult to harvest. Spiny Oysters are usually colored red, pink, brown, yellow, purple and white. These Spiny Oyster gems can be found around the world. Its highest deposits are in the coasts of North Carolina, Brazil, Sea of Cortez, Baja of Mexico and Baja of California. Spiny Oysters are greatly treasured by Native American Indian jewelers because the shells of Spiny Oysters are rare finds and difficult to discover. The rarest kinds of Spiny Oysters are the ones that are colored yellow. Spiny Oyster jewelries such as necklaces and bracelets are often made with graduated beads. This means that, the beads of Spiny Oysters are rolled into the jewelry in order to give it a round edge. This crafting is done either by hands or through the use of specialized machines. Spiny Oyster beads are not solely used for jewelry. This is because it is also used by Native American Indians as adornments and ornaments. In order to make Spiny Oysters more attractive decorations, it is blended well with turquoise. Also, the attractive colors of Spiny Oyster shells are used to accessorize any attire. This means that Spiny Oysters are not only good for jewelry making but a beautiful addition to a person’s wardrobe as well.
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