Tiger Eye stones contain color bands similar to an eye of a tiger. This is the reason why the stone is named tiger eye. This stone is made of quartz, a popular mineral found in the earth’s crust. Tiger eye stones start off as a fibrous blue mineral termed as croicidolite . This croicidolite mineral is composed of iron and sodium. When quartz starts to mix with croicidolite , the transformation begins. This transformation results to the formation of two precious gemstones: a blue stone termed as Hawk’s eye and a brown stone termed as tiger eye. It is said that because of tiger eye’s vibrant brown color, wealth and vitality for its wearer are invited. This stone is also said to enhance courage and physical strength of a person. Tiger eye stones are known to be power stones. Because of this, they are very popular stones for those who want to attract money and luck into their businesses, homes and offices.

Tiger eye stones are used for carvings, ornaments, decorative items and gift items as well. Tiger eye stones also make interesting jewelries . This is because the stone’s golden brown luminescent bands provide an air of mystique to the jewelries made to it. Also, the golden bands found in tiger eye stones add a classical African effect to jewelries and other accessories. It is good to note that this gemstone is not expensive even though Africa is only place that have tiger eye deposits. Even though it is relatively cheap, if these stones are set in silver findings, the finished products are exquisite enough to pass highest quality jewelry standards.

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