Tiger iron is composed of three valuable gemstones. These are Tiger’s eye, Hematite and Jasper. When these three minerals are mixed together, they form a decorative gemstone known today as tiger iron. Tiger’s eye also called tiger eye is natural asbestos. This mineral is formed during volcanic events wherein asbestos is replaced by iron bearing quartz termed as limonite. The most common tiger eye is golden brown but there are also blue, red and tiger iron of course. Another component of a tiger iron is hematite. This stone is ironstone that is seen as vey shiny and highly polished. The color of this stone is usually gray but some are also colored brown. The last component of tiger iron is Jasper. This stone is made of mineral oxides that which formed its bands and color patterns. These stones are actually mud that dripped into molten lava. Because of intense heat, these minerals melted and the moment it dried up, banded patterns surfaced in the stone.

The beauty of tiger iron is brought by its chatoyancy . This chatoyancy is like an optical reflection that provides an in depth appearance, shape and shine in the tiger iron gemstone. In order to see the flashes of color in tiger iron, it must be sliced into cabochon style. This style of cutting requires the gemstone to be sliced like a dome. It is said that tiger iron stones strengthen will and courage. This too is a powerful stone so wearers are reminded to be careful on what they wish on the stone. Tiger iron works very quickly when it is worn in direct contact with the skin. A person can carry it in his pocket or hold it in his hand when energy and motivation is needed. Tiger iron is also regarded as an important healing stone because it combines the healing properties of three stones. Healing for pain, enhanced heart condition and blood circulation and energy stimulation are just a few benefits that a person can get from the tiger iron gemstone.

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