Turquoise stones are highly valued gemstones used by many for various purposes. These turquoise stones are used for the arts, religion, trade and for jewelry making as well. The marks that make turquoise stones stand out from other stones are its color and matrix. The color of turquoise stones range from sky blue to green. The matrix color found in some turquoise stones is either black or white and sometimes nonexistent. There are many factors to consider in determining if the turquoise stone has quality and value. However, the most common factor for value and quality is uniform and vibrant colors. Because of this, turquoise stones that are poor in quality undergo treatment. This treatment is done in order to enhance the color and properties of low quality turquoise stones. The treatment uses a dye in order to turn pale turquoise stones to brightly colored ones. It is good to note that turquoise stones that are high in quality have an opaque appearance. The turquoise stones that have poor quality on the other hand appear translucent. This stays this way even if treatment was already conducted. If a low quality turquoise stone is not properly maintained, the color of the stone may fade away in the long run.

A turquoise stone isthe birth stone for people born in the month of December. This stone is also associated with wedding anniversaries particularly the fifth and eleventh wedding anniversary. Turquoise stones are mined. It was believed that the mining for turquoise stones began as early as 6000 B.C . There are evidences proving that Egyptians mind turquoise stones a long time ago. Today, turquoise stones are mined in areas such as the U.S , Iran, China and Tibet.Turquoise stones are popularly used for jewelry making because it is believed that turquoise stones bring good fortune. It also believed by various cultures that turquoise stones bring luck, good health, wealth, love and happiness. Aside from that, many people believe that when the color of a turquoise stone changes, danger is coming. This stone according to some also enhances a person’s spirituality and kindness. Upon wearing a jewelry that contain turquoise stones, some accounts say that the wearer feels energized and in high spirits. Turquoise stones take many years to form. With that, owning one is considered to be an investment. Because of this, turquoise stones must be properly taken cared and managed. Don’t expose your turquoise jewelries to oils, perfumes, chemicals and high heat. Doing this may damage the color of your stones. Also, when you are cleaning your turquoise jewelry, clean it with warm water, soap and a soft cloth. After cleaning them, make sure they dry. It is also good to store your turquoise jewelry separate from other jewelries in order to avoid scratches.

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